“Yesterdays graduate – todays partner”

Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой03.04.2018 in the “Aktobe medical colledge  named after Manshuk Mametova” in order to ensure the work of graduates in order to educate students in the professional sphere , a meeting with alumni was organized under the name “Yesterdays graduate – todays partner”.
Deputy Director Alipova Z.S opened the event , wishing luck to the graduates  who came  prom the city Aktobe and the districts.

During the event, the head of the dental office “Ak-Dent” Kasimov A.S  offered the students of the department  “Stomotology” to work with them after graduation.
Graduates of the department of “nursing affair” , “Laboratory Diagnostics”, “Pharmacy” during an open microphone asked their questions to our quests, and received good answers and after.


Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой