The dual education system

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The dual education system – the education system, combining College education with periods of productive activities, in health care organizations.
“Implementing a dual system of education, we fulfill one of the President’s instructions to improve the quality of education.”
In the message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to people of Kazakhstan dated 17 January 2014 States:”In the next 2-3 years it is necessary to form the core of national system of dual technical and professional education”.
Health dual training is not something new, and College is introducing elements of dual education from the day of its formation.
Developed and approved the regulations on the organization and conduct of dual training of students of Aktobe medical College.
Today concluded the contract agreement on social partnership for the introduction of educational activities to target the training of qualified personnel on the basis of introduction of the dual system with the three medical institutions. Signed a 3-party contract with the students. Today the day of the dual education system enrolls 50 students.

Signed agreement from the three side – the agreement on social partnership

in the dual learning:

Contract number

Name of the medical organization





ТОО «AktubPharmCenter»

Bizhanova Z.М.



ТОО «ZhelDorPharmacy»

Bekenov К.Е.



ТОО «Ansar pharm»

Mukasheva Z.Т.



ТОО «PharmKazina»

Koishibaeva G.К.