Social partnership

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Social partnership is a joint work with employers that allows to modernize the educational process, formulate and explain the student competencies, professional skills and requirements of employers to specialists. 

The preparation of qualified and popular specialists in the labor market and the joint decision of the issues of training young professionals is possible only within the framework of social partnership, where the employer can actively participate in the development of curricula and practical training programs. Deepening of social partnership helps to improve the level of training of a young specialist and ensures the employment of a graduate
Social partners are medical and preventive institutions of the city Aktobe and the region. Production training and professional practice are held according to the schedule of the educational process.
The basis of cooperation of social partners in the field of education and health is the contractual form of work.
The list of contracts of the Aktobe medical college named after the hero of the Soviet Union Manshuk Mametova with medical organizations

– SCE “Regional Center for AIDS Prevention and Control” on the REM
– SCE “City Polyclinic No. 1” on the REM
– SCCE Regional Clinical Infectious Disease Hospital
– LLP “Microlabservice”
– SCE “Aktobe Regional TB Dispensary” on the REM
– SCE ” Regional Dermatovenerologic Dispensary” on the REM
– SCE “Regional Perinatal Center” on the REM
– City Clinical Hospital №3 on the REM
– CSE “Regional Blood Center” on the REM
– RCE “Polyclinic at the regional state university named after K. Zhubanov” MES RK
– SCE “Regional emergency and emergency medical care station” on the REM
– Branch of the Joint Stock Company “Railway Hospital of Catastrophe Medicine”
– “Aktobe Railway Hospital”
– SCE “City Polyclinic No. 4” on the REM
– ZKSMU named after M.Ospanov “Medical Center”
– SCE “Emergency Hospital” on the REM
– SCE “Emergency Hospital” on the REM
– MU “Medicus Center”
– SCE “Kargalinskaya city hospital” on the PHV
– RSE “Consumer Protection Department of the Aktobe region of the Consumer Rights Protection
Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan”
– SCE City Children’s Stomatological Polyclinic on the REM
– LLP ” Railway Pharmacy”
– LLP “Rehabilitation medical center of clinic Daru” on the REM
– SCE “Aktobe Medical Center” on the REM
– LLP PMC “Shipager-S”
– SCE “Aktobe Regional Children’s bone – tuberculosis Sanatorium” Shagala “on the REM
– City Clinical Hospital №2 on the REM
– GPE “City Polyclinic No. 6” on the REM
– SCE “City Polyclinic No.5” on the REM
– LLP Center for Beauty and Health “Aigerim”
– LLP “Kuanysh”
-SE Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Aktobe region
– SCCP “Aktobe Regional Narcological Dispensary”
– LLP “Aktobefarmcenter”
– LLP Ansarpharm
– LLP Batys-Farm
– LLP “Farm-Kazyna”
– TF RCP on REM “National Center for Expertise of Medicines, Medical Devices
and Medical
Equipment” MHRD RK
– Dentistry “Juva Dent”
– IE “Stomatology 32” №1
– IE “Stomatology 32” №2
– IE Stomatology “Tuleu Murat”
– IE Stomatology “Hamzin”
– LLP “Millennium”
– Clinic of family medicine at RSE on the REM
ZKSMU named after M. Ospanov
– Center of family medicine on the REM