Crime Prevention

Dear students, teachers, parents in case of delinquency, please contact the college inspector and the chairman of the council for the prevention of delinquency.

College Inspector Information
Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой

Full name: Nietalin Almat Baimuratovich

Date of birth: 05.06.1989

Graduated from: Karaganda Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after B. Beisenov.

Place of work: №3 of Almaty district police department of Aktobe city ​​police department

Phone: +7701-454-26-91

Information about the Chairman of the Council on Offenses
Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой

Full Name: Berdybaev Maksat Berdybayuly

Date of birth: 07.09.1996

Graduated from: West Kazakhstan State Medical University named after A.I. M. Ospanova

Place of work: Aktobe Higher Medical College named after Hero of the Soviet Union Manshuk Mametova

Phone: +7747-218-86-87

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