"Cooperation and communication of children and parents"

Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой

Theme: “Cooperation and communication of children and parents”

Purpose: 1) To help parents in the choice of methods and means of education of their children.

2) To promote a formation culture of communication of parents and children.

3)To train communication skills of parents



Form of: round table

Location: lecture room


1) Report on “How to be good parents”

2) Discussion of issues

3) Current Issues


1) The role of the family in society is incomparable in its power with any other social institutions, as it was in the family is formed and develops the child’s personality, there is a mastery of social roles necessary for painless adaptation of the child in society. Family serves as the first educational institution, the link to which man feels throughout life To work with the child was productive, it is necessary to develop work with parents, which introduce a socio-pedagogical assistance:

-Educational Aspect: training and education.

– Psychological Aspect: support and correction

-Intermediary Aspect: the organization, information and coordination.

Parents are key partners who work with successfully delivered will be active helpers Age ot18-20 years is a period of the most active development of the moral and aesthetic sense, the formation and stabilization of character And indeed it is important for each of us to people who are next to us to understand our word, gesture, facial expression, our views Unfortunately not always like that Many of the difficulties of family education is directly related to lack of understanding, inability of parents to enter into the world of things. It is in the family life lays the basic setup man, formed behavioral norms.


2) Discussion Questions

1) What should be avoided in dealing with their own children.

2) How do we talk to children

 Parents are divided into groups, have received a copy of the issues and worked in groups They need to develop their own opinions on each issue and give the reasoning.

3) Summary

After the meeting classroom teacher asks parents to identify points in the meeting, which caused them the most emotions and feelings.


Имени героя Советского Союза Маншук Маметовой