The mission of college

Recognizing the key role of quality management based on the national standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan ST RK ISO 9001-2009 to enhance the competitiveness of educational institutions Aktobe Medical College moved to system principles of management process of educational services.

The mission of college

Preparation of highly active, initiative, unconventionally-minded and efficient operating professionals who will be in demand and will take a worthy place in the modern society. The dynamic development of material and technical basis, the application of innovation in the field of education through the introduction of integrated and modern educational technologies, development of system of improvement of pedagogical and scientific qualification of the teachers.

Our commitments

1. to maintain a management system in working condition.
2. Constantly to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001-2009 ST RK
3. to bring to the notice of the college staff the importance of fulfilling the requirements of consumers, legislative acts, normative document.
4. to provide the necessary resources for the continuous improvement of material and technical base of the college and advanced training of the teaching staff.

Strategic objectives in the field of quality:

Satisfaction of the expectations and needs of consumers through the preparation of competitive specialists.
The continuous involvement of the staff in the activities of the college and maintaining the corporate culture of college staff and students.
The use of informational and innovative achievements in the process of the life cycle of educational services and ensuring the competitiveness of graduates
Provision of feedback to consumers and society.
Provision and maintenance of a college infrastructure in working condition to achieve conformity with the established requirements.
Creation and implementation of the new educational programs.
Management the numerous interrelated processes in the college on a cycle «Plan-Do-Check-Act».
To raise the college’s image and to improve the economic performance.