Akzhelen Journal

The mission of the magazine

Nursing associations and regional information space to expand the exchange of experiences among specialists, nursing profession to improve the status of health workers in the formation of the image of the modern professional, to support  innovative transformations and reforms.

Contents of the journal

Journal local, regional, national, national and international levels for the public activities of the Association, publications in the field of nursing and health care prominent and important news were published, the practical aspects of nursing, nursing service organization, under the headings research and ethical issues. in the magazine excellent professional achievements of nurses and nursing focuses on the distribution of samples.

Circulation and dates

Currently, 4 times a year, 5,000 copies of the magazineappears..

Circulation of the magazine on the basis of demand from the regional Department of Health and nursing associations multiplied. Distribution of the journal carried out by the regional association.

The magazine’s demand is accepted at the following address: Email: medcolledg70@mail.ru
All articles will be checked for plagiarism (the original should not be less than 75%), according to the specialty of the members of the editorial board or external reviewers reviewed by doctors and candidates of science, literary editor of the adjustments are made by the corrector. Reception of articlescarried out on a regular basis. In the near future the articles to the magazine will be until the 28th of each month. In addition to the authors of the technical requirements for processing text, keywords, and abstract in English translation, text editing and correction can edit the list of works of literature.

Period of observations:

Acceptance of an article that appears near the number

Until the 28th of each month

An electronic version of the article published on the magazine

Until the 11 th of each month


3 days

Worked on the technical requirements of the article


approval of an amendment to the author of the article


To spread the revised version of distribution to authors in accordance with the technical requirements

Not later than the 21 th of each month

The procedure for reviewing

1. accept the direction of the magazine deputy editor of the magazine article after article and determine compliance with the registration requirements, and then reviewing the article, the article on the topic of scientifically qualified, science or candidate shall review the degree of doctor of science.

2. The period of 3 days to review the article.

3. Reviewers article provides the following requirements:

a) comply with the content of the theme of the article;

b) the articles of medicine and pharmacology, nursing and health care, nursing and practical aspects of the organization of nursing work, and research on contemporary ethical issues in accordance with what success?

c) the language of the readers of the article, style, material transfer, tables, charts, figures and formulas to learn in terms of clarity of flexible, easy to understand:

g) The novelty of the article, with its moderncompliance the requirements and importance of compliance;

e) What are the disadvantages of the author, the amendments?

e) The referee gives a proposal to correct the mistakes and shortcomings, that is, the article processing are allowed to pass the fix-added or magazine does not publish if not completely in accordance with the requirements of the article.

4. Reviewers concluded that the (review) edition of the review to be confirmed by the external reviewers reviewer confirmed in a manner approved by the Authority.

5. in the preparation of a new version of the author of the article after submission process guided by the reviewer notes (revised) will be reviewing the article again.

6. article recognized by the reviewer “is unacceptable” is not subject to revision. Reviewers sent to the author by e-mail the results.

7. After you have decided to publish the article, the author used to cover the costs edition is sent to the account to pay for the article. The author via e-mail informs employees of the revised payment on the payment. The article will be published only after the payment was made.

Rules of the article

1. Before the text of the article title, author (s) must show name and initials, scientific degree. Then the author (s), should show the full name of the institution. Information on a separate sheet of paper, the author, his surname, first name, middle initial, last name, address and e-mail addresses, telephone is shown

2. The text of the article should be clearly printed in bold 2separated. If sent by mail the articles should be on the disk. 1/3 of the page with the article must be accompanied by a brief summary and key words.

3. The article should not exceed 5 pages.

Table 4. – articles should be decorated with table articles and photographs (preferably color), slides, etc.. The electronic version of the images in TIF format should be a minimum of 300 dpi. Tables should be printed with his name and number on a separate sheet. Illustrative material should be sent in an envelope by mail. Inscriptions must be listed at the bottom of the photograph captions. All text should be illustrative reference material.

5. References are printed on a separate sheet. First, local authors, and then recorded in the works of foreign authors. They are located on the name of the author in alphabetical order and numbered. Provides links to the text of the article number. Author (s) name “Suggested Reading”. at the discretion of the bibliography. In this case, the papers are numbered and the list is not referred to in the text.

6. Understanding of the meaning of the text be made only after the letter abbreviations.

7. Editorial reduced by the articles and edited.

The audience of magazine readers

  • • Allsecondary-levelhealthworker
  • • Generalnursesandseniornurses
  • Medicaluniversitiesandcolleges
  • Theadministrationofmedicalinstitutions
  • Medicalcollegestudents
  • • Training courses and students of the Faculty of Nursing


• Republican

• Local, regional, city and district hospitals

• The clinical centers, medical colleges

• Clinics

• Health Care

• Kazakhstan, CIS and non-CIS countries specialized in medical centers

• Privatefollowers

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